Day Tours & Half Day Tours from Dubrovnik

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With Laus Travel, see and experience some of the most diverse landscapes, monumental buildings and nature’s wonders. Hear interesting stories about history and culture of this part of the Balkan. Meet the locals, tickle your taste buds with homemade food and good wine, and create unforgettable memories.

Small Group Day Tours from Dubrovnik

Make the most out of your vacation, even if you’re staying just for a day or two! Bosnia & Herzegovina is a perfect destination for a one day tour. Explore our small group tours (up to 8 guests) closely and find the one that fits your budget, time and wishes.


Mostar Small
Group Tour

Up to 8 people

Private Day Tours from Dubrovnik

If you want to explore new destinations at a more relaxed pace and have more intimate touring experience, we hope you’ll find our private tours winsome and affordable. If you wish, you can also combine tours and adjust the itinerary in any way you would like.

Private Mostar Tour

Explore at your own pace
Up to 8 people

Private Montenegro Tour

Explore at your own pace
Up to 8 people

Private Međugorje Tour

Explore at your own pace
Up to 8 people

Walking Tours in Dubrovnik

We offer you private and group walking tours with our associate expert guide Ivan Vuković Vuka. Choose among movie tour, photo tour, Game of Thrones tour, classic city tour, Jewish tour, war story tour… Feel free to explore and book directly through Ivan’s web site.

Dubrovnik Walking Tours

Dubrovnik Boat Tours & Watersports

Our partner Dubrovnik Watersports offers exhilarating boat tours and a variety of water activities in the picturesque city of Dubrovnik. Embark on an unforgettable adventure on the sparkling Adriatic Sea aboard the exceptional fleet of boats while immersing yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Watersports